I have a photo of dimension 2 inches x 2 inches. I wanted 6 copies of it, so I printed it as a grid of dimension 4 inches x 6 inches using some program. How can I physically cut a 4x6 photo into precisely 6 photos of dimension 2x2?

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    Use a paper guillotine, or a craft knife and a ruler?
    – Billy Kerr
    Feb 28 at 8:26
  • @Scott cutting the 6 pictures from i.stack.imgur.com/EGHx8.png Feb 28 at 8:39
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    This is why we have bleed. If you want them all absolutely identical size/shape then you can do it in 3 cuts [as you have a single sheet you can stack them] - but that leaves you no bleed and may get an edge of one pic in its neighbour. To eliminate that you need 4 more cuts, one each edge… which of course now leaves all your images slightly smaller than you require. [Ex bindery guillotine operator ;)
    – Tetsujin
    Feb 28 at 9:52
  • @Tetsujin thanks, good point, an additional cut for each edge (resulting in a picture slightly smaller than 2 inches, unless using bleed) seems necessary indeed. I guess that's why my former passport pictures were slightly smaller 2x2. (~1.9x1.9). Feb 28 at 15:59
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    @Tetsujin the employees of the Walgreens I eventually went to indeed use bleed (2.2x2.2 photo then cut to 2x2) Mar 3 at 2:49

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I found some tool (I don't know the name) at my local Walgreens in the United States that can cut a 2x2 pictures:

enter image description here

Product page: Passport Cutter for USA photos - 2 x 2 Inch (libertyphotoproducts got renamed "Pakor").

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