I have over three hundred word documents linked into my InDesign CS6 project. The authors of these can update them with revised texts. The documents are all in Normal Word style, and I have a mapping to the InDesign Paragraph style SpeciesText.

This works well when setting up the link, but when updating the link, after the doc is changed, the mapping doesn’t apply. I have tried a VBA macro that creates a SpeciesText Style in the Word document and applies that to all text in the document so no mapping is needed. However, the Update Link processing makes a real mess of the text with incorrect italics and bold appearing.

I think what I need is an InDesign script that will loop through all of the links and look for linked files that have a filename ending in Species.docx and apply the SpeciesText Paragraph Style. (The document names are all of the form nn.nnn Species.docx where the nn.nnnn is of format #0.000#. Values are decimal numbers e.g. 12.034 or 3.2345.)

There are also some linked TXT documents with standard naming that I may also need to do something similar with, but I hope that I can adapt any suggestions to the main problem to apply to the TXT files too.

I can see that this post has some of the elements that might help, but not sure how to focus on text frame links rather than AllGraphics and to apply Paragraph rather than Objects styles.


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