Is there a work around to distorting a smart object using the transform tool that has been dragged directly from illustrator? I often need to show a graphic made in illustrator on a photograph of where it will be placed but I can't seem to ever distort it without rasterising the layer.

Did a test below of dragging vector shape from illustrator to photoshop and trying to distort but the option is greyed out.

enter image description here


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In Photoshop, if you wish to distort, warp, or use perspective distort, on a linked/embedded vector smart object (dragged in from Illustrator)....

First... convert the existing Vector Smart Object layer to an new Smart Object in Photoshop.

  • Just highlight the vector smart object layer, and choose Convert to Smart Object from the Layer Panel Menu.

You can then warp or distort within Photoshop without rasterizing the vector smart object.

This does seem counterintuitive since the layer is already a smart object. I don't know why you need to double-nest the SO this way. However, it does work without rasterizing. It just takes more digging (tunneling) to get down to the original vector smart object.

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