I'm looking for a new process to insert vector graphics into Google Slides.

Before Google cut the support (in early 2023) for the connections between Google Drive, Google Slides and Google Draw, I could create vector graphics (in Adobe Illustrator), convert those graphics using CloudConvert into EMF or WMF, download them directly to Google Drive and open them in Google Draw. This allowed me to copy/paste the editable graphics from Draw into Slides (and have the graphic be editable in Slides).

This process is no longer viable. Does anyone yet have a workaround? The image compression in Google slides is TERRIBLE.

(the process I discuss above, and have been utilizing until just recently is indicated in this StackExchange post: How can I import a vector drawing into Google Slides?)

  • Never used Google Slides.. I'd suspect that for vectors, SVG would be the preferred Google format when pasting - since it is web-based technology. EMF/WMF are really Microsoft-specific formats for the most part.
    – Scott
    Mar 13 at 18:35
  • @Scott - sadly, Slides doesn't seem to support SVG directly, unless I'm missing something, it can't even see an SVG uploaded into Google Drive, so you can't even select it.
    – Billy Kerr
    Mar 13 at 19:36
  • @BillyKerr - Interesting. I was just assuming... I assumed the XML nature would be favorable for Google stuff. Not terribly surprised I'm wrong though. :). I really don't use Google-anything other than search.
    – Scott
    Mar 13 at 19:49
  • @Scott - yeah I'd have thought so too, seems like such an obvious choice for anything running in a web browser, but apparently not.
    – Billy Kerr
    Mar 13 at 19:58

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This question is a bit off-topic since Google Slides isn't really graphic design software, but it is kind of design related, because it's about using vector graphics. So . . .

A possible solution/workaround is to use LibreOffice Presentation (it's free) as a kind of go-between application. It's part of the LibreOffice suite. Obviously, this is assuming you have access to a Windows/Mac/Linux computer.

  1. Create a new document in LibreOffice Presentation, and click and drag an SVG vector file into it. There's no need to use EMFs/WMFs, or use any conversion. The software supports SVGs directly. In fact you could save time by putting all the vector graphics you need right inside this one document.

  2. Now, save it as a .ppt document, and upload this to your Google Drive, and open it with Google Slides.

  3. You can then copy and paste the SVG graphic from the uploaded .ppt document into your own Slides document.

I tested this and it seems to work. Here's an SVG I created in Inkscape (you could also use Illustrator), and which I got into Google Slides by using the method described above.

enter image description here

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