The Problem

I want a way to find Slices in a complex Sketch document.

Why this is a problem

I have used icon templates from Apple and Apply Pixels which are pre-configured to export different icon sizes.

These are often configured with the slices deeply nested, as seen in the screenshot below, so I wanted a search capability.

Possible Workaround

There's a dropdown in the Search box (top of Layer panel) which allows you to choose Exportable and has the slice icon next to it.

However, that does what it says, finding exportable assets including non-slices marked as Exportable.

Is Exportable taken as a synonym for Slice, given that you cannot have a non-exportable Slice?

(Artboards you have made exportable allow you to remove all their export presets, going back to a non-exportable status. Slices will not allow you to remove the last export preset of a list.)

Why the workaround is insufficient

If you use these templates as a starting point, it's OK because they are completely slice-oriented. However, I also have complex documents that used Artboards as the main exportable element. I want a way to find just the Slices in those documents.

Portion of layer view showing nested slice

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Thanks to Sketch Twitter support

The answer is to use the Automate plugin

Layer - Select Layers in Selection By Type - Slices

Screenshot showing the Automate Plugin navigating down through Layer - Select Layers in Selection By Type - Slices

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