I'm working on a simple script for Photoshop that applies Filter > Pixelate > Crystallization with cell size 10 however it seems that Photoshop doesn't include a function like it does for other filters like applyGaussianBlur

Is there a way to use this filter programmatically?

This has a list of the available filters but not a way to use unincluded ones (to my very limited knowledge) https://theiviaxx.github.io/photoshop-docs/Photoshop/ArtLayer.html

I don't know if there is a way to use this or not

https://theiviaxx.github.io/photoshop-docs/CEP/event_codes.html?highlight=crystal EventID is 1131574132

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Event IDs are used in Action Manager code (JSX) or BatchPlay (newer Photoshops, UXP Framework). Here's the Action Manager snippet. 10 is the Cell Size value for the filter.

var desc = new ActionDescriptor();
desc.putInteger( charIDToTypeID('ClSz'), 10 );
executeAction( charIDToTypeID('Crst'), desc, DialogModes.NO );

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