I created a circle in Inkscape that I want to crop a smaller circle out of, and then use the Corners (Fillet/Chamfer) Path Effect to round the edges of the cropped out area, creating the shape of a painter's palette.

After cropping out a rectangle and smaller circle from the bigger circle, I have a C-like shape ready for filleting. However, the node paths (the green diamonds) only exist for the original big circle. How do I crop the original object into a new shape in a way that's reflected in the node paths?

four node paths for circle


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The Corners (Fillet/Chamfer) LPE won't work on a shape created with an object created using the Power Clip LPE, because the result of the Power Clip is not an actual vector, it's only a path effect applied to a clipped object. Also it can't be converted to an ordinary path either, because it's made using a clip. You'll need to use Inskcape's ordinary boolean operations to create the shape.

Do it like this instead

  1. Create a circle and a rectangle the same height

  2. Using snapping, move the rectangle over the circle, select both shapes and do Path > Union

  3. Draw a larger circle, and place the new shape you made in the previous steps on top of the larger circle (Object > Raise to top). Change the fill colour so you can see it.

  4. Select both shapes and do Path > Difference

  5. Now the Corners (Fillet/Chamfer) LPE will work

enter image description here

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