Building a notification system in an app. Each type of notification has it's own icon.

Within the app a concept of "Recommendations" is being developed. Person A can recommend an item to person B.

What icon could be used to represent this notification? The item could be anything, but is most likely a product to buy.

Cannot use a thumbs up as this is used for the concept of "likes".

Is there already an standard icon for this concept of recommendations?

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Subjective, since we don't know the overall context, but "recommending" a product generally involves sharing that particular product with a contact.

In the wording/notifications/etc, you can call it "recommend", but in fact it is a share from person A to person B. In which case you can go with a generic share/arrow icon, obviously adapted to your specific style/branding/UI:

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    Thanks, it was that re-framing my thinking that I needed. Couldn't get out of the rut of thinking of "recommending", not of the broader umbrella of sharing. Suitable icon found, cheers.
    – joe92
    Mar 29, 2023 at 13:06

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