I want to align some text that I put on two separate lines using return. How do I align the text? Justify under Paragraph doesn't seem to do anything. I figured "Area Type Options" might help, but that box isn't clickable. How do I align the text (both left- and right-aligned)?

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You must use Area Type if you want a single block of text to have separate lines left and right aligned.

Area type is created by drawing a box with the Type Tool by click-dragging, then typing. As opposed to merely clicking somewhere with the Type Tool and typing (which is called Point Text).

If you have point text, then you would most likely need to split the lines so they are separate and then manually position the text as desired.

Point text will align on its anchor point. One line left and one line right will create opposing text - as if on a center pole.

Top line left aligned, second line right aligned....

enter image description here

Area Type is necessary so Illustrator can know where the right side is to be located. Without the defining box of Area Type, Illustrator only knows where the type anchor point is.

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