I've found one other person asking about this, but with no answer: https://www.reddit.com/r/AdobeIllustrator/comments/goivws/auto_rotate_disable/

I'm trying to make it so the auto-rotate option under "Orientation" in Print Settings is not checked by default. Setting is shown below:

enter image description here

The Reason: I'm working Library Makerspace that serves a large retiree population, and currently trying to remove as many road blocks for Laser Cutting as possible. This little checkbox has been an issue. Its effect is kind of random to people who aren't tech savvy... and even to me (it still rotates when the media size is perfectly square).

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I believe Illustrator retains the last used settings. But perhaps I'm wrong or Adobe has altered that recently. In any event....

(I'm using screenshots from a Legacy version here...
but what is shown should be very similar in newer versions of Illustrator.)

From the menu: Edit > Print Presets...

A window pops up listing the print presets...

enter image description here

Highlight [Default] and click the little pencil icon in the middle of the window....

enter image description here

A large window will open with all the print options.

enter image description here

Change this window to whatever you want, then click OK.

Then click OK again in the presets..

Now, by default, the options you set in the large window will be set when you merely hit Print.

You can use Print presets to create any number of specialized settings. When you choose Print from the menu, you can choose your preset there, at the top of the print dialog window:

enter image description here

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