Is it possible to have InDesign automatically move a title (with associated paragraph style) to the next page/column if it would otherwise appear on the last line of a page/column?

Many of my titles in a book I am working on end up being on the last line of the column/page. I want to have them automatically shifted to the next column/page when this happens. Is it possible to automate this?

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You can use Paragraph Style Options > Keep Options > Start Paragraph to always make a paragraph start on for example the next page/column.

But you ask for it to only happen if the paragraph ends up being the last line of a column/page. This can indirectly be done using Paragraph Style Options > Keep Options > Keep with Next.

Here you can specify how many lines you want to at least follow directly after the title. If there isn't room for the specified number of lines, the paragraph will jump to the next column/frame/page.

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