Hello I'm creating a business card Size 90mm by 50mm It's going to be printed by offset printing And I am using CMYK color system for the colors, the color of the icons for example the values are like this: C 93% M 28% Y 65% K 11%

But I downloaded a vector file as shown in image, format EPS, what should I do to it before sending the business card to be printed?

Can I combine the shapes together using shape builder tool?

enter image description here enter image description here


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One generally doesn't need to "do" anything to a vector file specifically before sending it to a print provider.

That being posted, standard artwork issues apply - exceptionally small, minute, details or paths may not be maintained. Gradients may incur a bit of banding if not appropriately constructed, etc. But these issues aren't specific to vector files.

If the artwork is in the proper color space for the printing method (CMYK/RGB) then there should be no issue with a vector file.

Saving/Exporting to a PDF/X-1a format ensures everything matches press standards.

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