Please, I need help with this issue: I am working on a large Photoshop file that has 32 artboards with varying dimensions. This is for a specific project that requires these dimensions. The whole project has dimensions of 300 inches in height by 320 inches in width, and each board takes a part of that large area. When I work on the file, my 2TB SSD disks fill up to the max. I have 32 Rams, and they also fill up to the max. My CPU and GPU are good, but I don't notice a lot of CPU and GPU consumption. I can't even work on the file because it takes a really long time to adjust a tiny thing on the project. What seems to be the problem here? How can I fix it? Is it a PC problem like low specs? What is an alternative approach I could use to continue working? I would appreciate any help.

  • Should create such a large file.. could have split it to 4 or 6 artboards per file rather than 1 file with 32 artboards.
    – Scott
    Jul 2 at 0:55

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  1. Do not assemble it in Photoshop but in Illustrator or InDesign.

  2. When you import a raster image of a piece of your puzzle, it will remain as it is, regardless you stretch it or squash it. If that piece is a 3000x3000px image, it will remain 3000x3000px.

  3. You can also work at scale, let's say 1/10 30x32 inches.

  4. At the end when you have all the projects, you can export a flattened JPG or TIFF file, at 300PPI or more. The final print will have 30PPI which is good to be viewed at a distance.

  5. If you know you need more final resolution, work at a bigger scale, for example, 1/5.

  6. Using InDesign will keep the working file small, because it only links to the images, do not embed them. Illustrator can do it both ways.

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