I have a small print-on-demand clothing company, and spend a lot of time creating mockups for t-shirt designs. I'm wondering if it's possible to place a "linked" smart object or vector object into multiple PSD mockup files in a folder, that would update automatically when it's updated. For example, I'm imagining 10 PSD files in a folder (t-shirt mockups), and all of the files had a smart object (or similar) that could be updated once and the updated would be reflected in all 10 files.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks for any tips!

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In the File menu you'll find Place Linked... command that places a linked smart object.

If you have .psd(s) with the linked file opened, the placed objects will update automatically. If you open them later, there will be a warning sign on the obsolete placed layer. Click with the right mouse button will reveal Update (All) Modified Content options.

enter image description here

If you want to automatically update a lot of files you can record this step as an Action and run the Action of a folder of images or opened images using Image Processor or Automate > Batch.. command.

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