Is it possible with a script or GREP styles to keep together multiple sets of paragraphs which can contain 5-6 different paragraph styles though the start and end paragraph styles are always the same – basically those and everything between should kept together, or moved to the top of a new column or text frame.

First number is {LOT Number}, and the end price is {LOT Estimate} paragraph styles.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

See example below: enter image description here

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You can use the Keep Options to achieve this.

In the first Paragraph Style's options (LOT Number)

  • Under Keep Options, check Keep Lines Together and choose All Lines in Paragraph. (As the name says, this makes sure to keep all lines of the paragraph together and never break across columns/frames. Not strictly needed in this case since it seems like the LOT number is just a short number, but best to add it for a robust solution.)

In all other Paragraph Styles' options

  • Under Keep Options, check Keep with Previous. (This makes sure the paragraph will always stick to the previous paragraph. If there isn't room for both paragraphs they will both jump to the next column/frame.)

  • Under Keep Options, check Keep Lines Together and choose All Lines in Paragraph.

See the manual for more information about Keep Options.

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    Awesome, thanks so much Wolff! That was so easy and rather ashamed I didn't manage to work that out when I'd tried a few similar combinations in the keep options in the past - obviously not quite the right ones. Will save a lot of time on many of my projects so very much appreciated advice. 👍🏻
    – Ross
    Jul 27, 2023 at 4:30

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