I'd like to draw over a photo in a new layer with the pen tool.

When I do this, the path created has no colour.

Do I need to use the Pixels option with the path tool?

Deselecting that path, then using the pen tool again, there is a drop-down in the toolbar to select shape/path/pixels. Pixels is greyed out, the other two are not.


FTR, I found Fireworks CS6's pen tool is exactly what I was after, I'm very thankful I have a copy of CS6 but would love to know how to produce something similar in Photoshop CS6; I'd like to use Photoshop CS6 for painting.

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Photoshop CS6 or newer...

Set the Pen Tool options to Shape in the Control Bar, then adjust the fill/stroke so there's only a stroke color.

Then draw.....

enter image description here

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