Please refer the below Pantone Pantone PMS282 C Pantone PMS2727 C I want to covert this to in TPX or TPG , Please suggest


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You can cross reference Pantone colours with TCX or TPG colours by using the Pantone Connect service. You can sign up for a free account and see/search the colours. However, the cross referencing functionality requires a paid account unfortunately.

If you don't need complete accuracy, it might be possible to add a Pantone colour to your palette in the free version of Pantone Connect, and then add a TCX/TPG colour which is visually close, and compare the two. There's probably not an exact 1:1 colour match anyway, even if you do use the paid cross referencing functionality, so eyeballing it might be sufficient for you.

Another method is if you have access to a Pantone solid colour guide book and TCX colour samples, you could try matching the samples visually.

Note: I have no affiliation with Pantone or the Pantone Connect website.

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