I'm importing a PSD file into Illustrator and I've noticed there's sort of a "clipping shape" the size of the artboard mixed with the shapes that happen to be "out of bounds" (in this case, the circle): enter image description here

When I move the shape, it's clear that it's being clipped to that artboard-sized rectangle. enter image description here

I can't seem to figure out how to remove that clipping shape outside of deleting it (it deletes the circular shape as well). I can't "undo" the clipping mask because it doesn't show it as a clipping mask, it just shows it as if it were a singular object. The only way to remove the artboard-sized object is to expand the object but by doing so I'm permanently cropping the circle, which I don't want because I need the whole circle for other things.

  • Direct Selection Tool (white arrow), hold down the option/alt key and then click just the rectangle - you should only see the rectangle highlight, not the circle - then delete. Does that work?
    – Scott
    Oct 6 at 19:04
  • @Scott it worked! Thanks so much. I feel so stupid now ahh
    – rar812
    Oct 7 at 17:27


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