What is the GREP code for finding all words between a full stop (.) and a colon (:) and then selecting those words and the colon (but not the fullstop)? For example: '. Tone:' or '. Final result:') in a body of copy. Thanks.

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You need a positive look-behind

(?<= ... )

And a positive look-ahead

(?= ... )

\. Dots need to be backslashed.
/s for the space.
\w for letters and numbers.
? for optional characters.
And * to catch multiples.


I recommend regex101.com to help create and lookup regex syntax.


If the period . might also be preceded by a word, as per your example, "somthing. Tone:" you might try this:


"Tone:" will be selected if your string looks like ". Tone:"; and "some other thing Tone:"will be selected if your string is "something. some other thing Tone:"

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