1. I selected a node, and then clicked "break path at selected nodes."
  2. Then I selected a node and hit ctrl-a to select all other nodes attached to it. It jumped the gap I had just made.
  3. I also tried going to the menu Path > Break Apart. It did not separate the path at the break point.
  4. I also tried Path > Split Path. It did not separate the two chunks of path.

How can I take a path and split it at a vertex so it becomes two separate paths that can have separate colors and be moved separately?

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Figured it out. I thought my path was a single line, but it was actually a full loop.

enter image description here

If this issue arises, make sure that you've used the "break path at selected nodes" button to break apart your path fully. It may require two breaks if the path is a enclosed shape. Then use Path > Break Apart to turn the two separate shapes into separate objects.

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