A sketched example of what I'd like to achieve: Example

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    Welcome Jordan! Can you explain what you have tired and where that may be failing?
    – Scott
    Oct 22 at 1:57

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Type your letters as two lines of text, both approximately the same length (i.e. two separate text objects). It's also probably a good idea to choose a font that has no descender for the J or Q, or just avoid using those letters.

enter image description here

Select the top text object, apply Object > Envelope Distort > Make with Warp. Choose the Arc setting, Bend 100% and set the Y distort as you like.

Repeat for the bottom line of text.

Rotate and move into position, and rotate both if required.

A rough example

enter image description here

Font choice will obviously make a difference, this one is Orbitron Black, which is quite square and blocky

enter image description here

  • Perfect, thanks so much.
    – Jordan
    Oct 22 at 14:35

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