I need to access a few emojis as SVG from the Noto Emoji Monochrome font. It's trivial to do so for the colored version at: https://github.com/googlefonts/noto-emoji/tree/main/svg . But no such place exists for the monochrome version.

How do I access individual emojis as SVG from the monochrome version? Do I need to convert the .ttf file? Or extract them somehow?

Specifically I need: 🫥 💀 😈

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https://github.com/adobe-fonts/noto-emoji-svg exists with monochrome, but the emojis are outdated.

  • Just an idea: Set the font in a vector application, create outlines, save as SVG.
    – Scott
    Commented Oct 26, 2023 at 20:55

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There are some online extractors (like https://iconly.io/tools/font-to-icons-converter ie.)

Or if you have Illustrator, or another Vector software, you can type your font, vectorise it, and then save it as SVG, letter by letter.

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