I have this PDF and want to select a particular text and find out what font it is in. Is it possible in PDF-XChange Editor, or Foxit PDF reader? I have tried to look up different advices on Internet like this one but they don't work.

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The suggested method in the linked web page is shortly "select a text with the text selection tool". That's the same what's needed if you are going to copy some text from a PDF to another application like Windows Notepad, MS Word etc...

Then check the font name, size and variant from the properties panel. Properties panel should be opened at first. It works with free and paid versions of PDF-XChange. I tested in version 10.0.

enter image description here

There's one trap: If the selected piece of text happens to contain more than one font, the properties panel displays "various". It will be "various" even in case the fonts look the same, for ex. Lato Regular True Type and Lato Regular Type 1. Both of them can exist in the same line. In addition there's some spaces which are of different font than the visible text around the empty space. Select only one letter to avoid the problem.

  • Thanks, perfect! Works in Version 10, didn't work in version 9 (added a screenshot to your answer)
    – Tomas
    Nov 9 at 10:13

Not sure about the "click" aspect.....

... There's no need for any tools beyond Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to see what fonts are used in a PDF.

  • Open the PDF in Acrobat or Reader
  • Choose File > Properties
  • Click the Fonts tab across the top of the Document Properties window...

enter image description here
enter image description here
(These screenshots are from your linked PDF.)

Adobe Reader is free. So even if your other tools can't list the fonts, it wouldn't cost anything to download Reader for this purpose.

I am using a legacy version of Acrobat. If, by chance, the Properties menu item has moved in more recent versions of the apps... I encourage anyone to edit this answer in order to update the item location.

  • I hate Adobe Acrobat. I replaced it with Foxit because of how annoying the free version was and how they were unfair when I paid the pro version. Do I really need Adobe for this?
    – Tomas
    Nov 8 at 19:40
  • Anyway, I didn't ask for list of all fonts... I am interested in the font family of particular text.
    – Tomas
    Nov 8 at 19:56
  • Okay well, I won't EVER argue with "I hate Adobe". But it is common users have at least Reader. I can't comment on any other tools. As far as I know.. I've never seen anything that is "target aware" for identifying fonts in a PDF. Of course, you could open the PDF in Inkscape or Illustrator and the type may be "live". Since Acrobat is showing embedded fonts, there's a high probability a vector app will open and read the fonts. In which case,.. click and the font panel will show the font. But this is commonly a 1-page-at-a-time thing.
    – Scott
    Nov 8 at 20:42

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