In the README for WebPShop (a Photoshop plugin for saving WebP files) there is mention of a method for creating animated WebP files, but the method for producing such files is not described in detail. The only information given is as follows:

The Timeline data is not used; thus animations rely on layers for defining frames (set duration as "(123 ms)" in each layer's name), and they need to be rasterized before saving.

I labeled the layers with the naming convention described above, and chose File > Save a Copy...

Unfortunately, it only produced a regular (unanimated) WebP file.

What other steps are required to get Photoshop to output an animated .webp file using the WebPShop plugin? Thanks.

Version used: Photoshop 2024 25.1.0 Release

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One solution is to use Ezgif's Animated WebP Maker instead.

I got good results with this, and it's very intuitive.

Although my first choice is usually an app or plug-in that can be run locally without an internet connection, I have only good things to say about this online tool.

If anyone figures out how to do it in WebPShop, I'm still open to such answers.

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