Is there a way to create an automated action or way of duplicating multiple layers so that each layer is duplicated into its own new document. Right now I have to manually right click, and click Duplicate Layer into New Document for each layer. Is there an Action that can be created to do this? Thank you.

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Can be easily done with a simple script. Save this as a .jsx file to your PS folder > Presets > Scripts, after restarting PS it'll be available in the File > Scripts menu. Or simply use File > Scripts > Browse... to select the .jsx file saved anywhere.

var doc = activeDocument
var layers = doc.layers;
var layer;

for (var i = 0; i < layers.length; i++) {
  layer = layers[i];
  activeDocument = doc;
  doc.activeLayer = layer;

activeDocument = doc;

function docFromLayer(lname) {
    var desc240 = new ActionDescriptor();
        var ref2 = new ActionReference();
        ref2.putClass( stringIDToTypeID('document') );
    desc240.putReference( stringIDToTypeID('null'), ref2 );
    desc240.putString( stringIDToTypeID('name'), lname );
        var ref3 = new ActionReference();
        ref3.putEnumerated( stringIDToTypeID('layer'), stringIDToTypeID('ordinal'), stringIDToTypeID('targetEnum') );
    desc240.putReference( stringIDToTypeID('using'), ref3 );
    desc240.putString( stringIDToTypeID('layerName'), lname );
    executeAction( stringIDToTypeID('make'), desc240, DialogModes.NO );
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    Thanks. that helps save a lot of time. Nov 25, 2023 at 9:59

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