I'm trying to identify the exact font LinkedIn uses for the #OpenToWork and #Hiring badges, which are placed on the profile pictures.

#OpenToWork badge taken from a LinkedIn video Extracted text of the #Hiring badge

So far I tried my own best guesses as well as different font identifiers (WhatTheFont!, Fontspring Matcherator)that yielded close matches but seemingly not the exact font. Typefaces that came close but I ruled out eventually are Tenon, Akkurat, Work Sans, Public Sans and Hanken Grotesk. The LinkedIn brand font Source Sans also doesn't match.

Letters that to my eye look characteristic are the G, K and R.

The #OpenToWork Screenshot is taken from this video. I couldn't find an example for the #Hiring tag, and for privacy reasons I didn't upload a screenshot from a real account. Instead I tried my best extracting the glyphs.

  • It's similar to Brenner Sans but not close enough to make that an answer -- the dissimilarities are rather annoying! Dec 2, 2023 at 17:56

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This post is a month old now, but I was looking for this font today, too. I'm pretty sure it's Carlito Bold, a Google font. Cheers!

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