I'm looking for the name of a font which was quite commonly used on storefronts in France during the late 70s / early 80s (I guess). I'm also interested in some history and/or trivia about this font if you have some.

Here is a legacy exemple I've found recently: A legacy storefront with the researched font

And the subtitle of this 1983 printed document found on Wikipedia show the same font, or at least the same style. ("Grand Réseau Sud 5e 6e 14e") Printed Document exemple

I got no success with the WhatTheFont research engine.

Thanks for your help!


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What The Font found Jackson MN

enter image description here

Often the trick with What The Font is a tight crop, or even monochrome, with or without inverting colours. This one worked with just the crop.

  • Great! It's exactly this! (OK I must clean up a bit the picture before using What The Font).
    – Covich
    Commented Dec 17, 2023 at 18:37

Thanks to Tetsujin's anwser, I have found https://jacksonmnr.com/publications, a project gathering all the legacy usages of Jackson MN in France and western Europe in general. This is deliciously retro!

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