I can't seem to figure out the right settings... Font Awesome keeps telling me my "stroke" needs to be expanded yet I already did that. There is not a stroke in my file. I am not privy to svg and just trying to get these working so I can make my icons for my other application.

Used a path tool, created a dashed line, expanded the stroke and then exported to svg. What am I missing?

The object is to centralize most of these little icons required in font-awesome... Can't believe they don't have a telco set. If I knew how to export these I would be making quite a few. From RG6 connectors to RJ45. Lots of awesome shit I could put up there for use in wiring industries.

  • Can you post some screenshots so we can perhaps help? I've not used Font Awesome in forever - but I do use Affinity Designer to create SVGs pretty frequently - post images and maybe we can help! Feb 22 at 23:15


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