I'm looking for a font in which letters which are normally lower than the baseline (g, y, p, q) are written completely above the baseline when in lowercase. I'm looking for such a font for the game I'm designing. I've done some surfing around the internet but cannot find a font like this. I don't want a font which resorts to uppercase for these letters. Could you direct me to such a font?

  • Any font that duplicates the appearance of a HD44780 text LCD display will have the desired feature - but 5x7 blocky text might not be the look you're going for. Commented Jan 8 at 14:36
  • Could you explain why you want such a font? What makes it desirable for your use case? Commented Jan 8 at 15:41
  • @JackAidley I’m looking for such a font for certain menu buttons in a game I’m designing
    – TOM
    Commented Jan 13 at 2:48
  • @jasonharper You’re right, I’m not looking for a blocky font
    – TOM
    Commented Jan 13 at 2:51

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Sounds like you are looking for a Unicase font. There are several.

Try here: https://www.myfonts.com/search?query=unicase

  • I chose this as the answer because it gives me the most choices for the font I’m looking for, some of which are significantly cheaper than in other answers. Ideally I was actually hoping for a free font
    – TOM
    Commented Jan 13 at 2:50
  • There may be free unicase fonts out in the wild. You'd have to search for those at free font sites. For the most part, I don't use free fonts. They inevitably prove to be problematic in many instance.
    – Scott
    Commented Jan 13 at 3:28

Try Spartan Classified (a.k.a. Geometric 212) for small sizes or Media Sans by Production Type for headline sizes.


Searching by "large x-height font", I found next one: https://www.1001fonts.com/ticketing-font.html

  • A font with a large x-height can still have descenders. Commented Jan 8 at 22:07
  • @MarkRansom Sure, and mostly they have :) This was just alternate search term.
    – Arvo
    Commented Jan 9 at 8:03
  • That was my complaint, you're using a term that is completely irrelevant to the question, thus unhelpful. Congratulations if that search term helped you find a suitable font, but how many unsuitable ones did you have to dig through before you found it? You would have had just as much luck going through every possible font. Commented Jan 9 at 12:59

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