enter image description hereI'm looking for a solution for my connected script font which has multiple weights in its' family (light, regular, bold)

The problem: Individually, the styles work perfectly fine and letters/glyphs connect as they supposed to (I'm using 'calt' feature and it's great). However, if I decide to change the style/weight of some letters in the middle of the word - the surrounding letters (ones that connect to the different weight) - disconnect! As if it was a "space" or different font next to them.

For example: I've got "justaword" written in light style, then I decide to make the "a" - bold, like this: "justaword" upon that, the letter "t" disconnects from the bold "a" and this bold "a" is no longer connecting to "w" Another example is in the image above - the "oks" one.

Is it even possible to keep the letters connected between different styles?

Would love to know the actual solution or at least ideas that might work!

A quick and more simplified example in the IMG. enter image description here Thank you!


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