I am looking for a way to get RYB complementary colors in software. This means, complementary color pairs I am looking to get would be:

  • red - green
  • yellow - violet
  • blue - orange

However, when inverting an image in RGB mode, you get the calculated RGB opposite, like:

  • red - cyan
  • yellow - blue
  • blue - yellow

For example inverting blue (red 0%, green 0%, blue 100%) gives yellow (red 100%, green 100%, blue 0%). Doing the same calculation in a RYB color system gives me the values I'd like, for example with blue, that would be: orange (red 100%, yellow 100%, blue 0%).

Is there any way to get complementary colors according to a RYB color system in imaging software?

(Answers can be software specific, but probably any technique to do so might be transferable, unless it's a plugin or something the like dealing with the calculation.)

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You can use kuler, it seems to work on the colorwheel you are looking for (i know, its an extention)

dont mind the german

  • Oh wow, nice tool - can also be used online: kuler.adobe.com -> create
    – kontur
    Feb 28, 2013 at 18:59

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