In desktop publishing, is there a single term to refer to both page headers and page footers?

(It's Ok if the term includes other elements, but it should exclude body text.)

  • I'm asking because I thought I had come across this before, but I forget. Commented Feb 1 at 13:22
  • 4
    Probably... Headers & Footers?
    – Rafael
    Commented Feb 1 at 14:57
  • lol... given the good but slightly unconvincing responses so far (from my personal point of view), this might just be the answer. Commented Feb 2 at 14:24

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Page Chrome or Document Chrome were common terms. They were far more common before Google made a web browser. Now, searching for it you just get Google references. "Chrome" referred to common content across items/pages. This, may be why Google chose that particular name for their browser.

I've also seen it referred to as Page Framing or just Framing at times.

Both of these referred to what would be seen as "Parent Page" content.. running headers & footers, etc. Anything that was common on all, or most, pages.

  • Now that you mention it, I seem to remember this explanation from Google on how they named their browser... Commented Feb 2 at 14:14

I personally refer to these as Universal design elements in my own work, because they should remain consistent throughout the entire site. But that's just what I personally use, and I'm unsure if there's any form of industry standard label for these types of elements.

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