Say Designer A was working for Company Z. Designer A worked on various graphics materials such as pamphlets, posters etc. After Designer A leaves, Company Z hires a freelancer Designer B to do some poster designs. Designer B uses various elements of previous designs done by Designer A, such as text layout, color gradients etc. Now Designer B has that poster included in the portfolio with no supplementary descriptions for that particular work. Is there a case for Designer A to get Designer B to take down that particular work from the portfolio or is this just a matter of ethics?

Sorry if a little vague as I'm asking this question in place of a friend.

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    A friend of mine says you need to ask a lawyer.
    – Scott
    Feb 6 at 9:19
  • Just to be clear the issue is not with reusing and combining previous design elements as it is expected to do so to keep consistency. All the previous materials were designed from scratch by Designer A. The work done by Designer B is more like working off a template. Is it common practice for designers to include such works in their portfolio?
    – James
    Feb 6 at 15:02
  • Legal questions are off-topic here. We can't give legal advice. Maybe try Law Stack Exchange, or ask your lawyer.
    – Billy Kerr
    Feb 6 at 16:03


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