I am very new to photoshop, and I am looking to create a reusable action that I can run on an image of arbitrary dimensions, leaving me with an image that has had the corners rounded by a radius of 50px.

I have watched a few YouTube tutorials on creating rounded edges, but none seem to be exactly what I'm looking for.

Thank you in advance.


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If you just mean rounding the corners of a photo to create a simple transparent border, then something like this should work.

  1. Begin recording a new action and give it a name you can easily find later

  2. Unlock the background layer

  3. Select All

  4. Select > Modify > Smooth. Set the radius to 25 pixels, and choose With Effect at Canvas Bounds

  5. Repeat step 3. This will round the corners more smoothly by another 25px giving a total radius of 50

  6. Select > Modify > Feather. Set to 1px, and choose With Effect at Canvas Bounds

  7. Select > Inverse

  8. Hit Delete about 3 times.

  9. Stop the recording

enter image description here

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