I'm trying to fit email addresses in a staff directory and wish to have the emails break on @ in order to have them look more consistent. I'm importing the email addresses via a data merge as well which may complicate matters.

Example of what I want:

I've tried adding a paragraph style with the following Grep function but no luck:


An image where the email is broken after the @ symbol

An image where the email is broken at the @ symbol

  • Show an example of what you want to achieve. What do you mean by "break"? Edit your question and post a picture.
    – Lucian
    Mar 2 at 10:40
  • This has been done. Mar 3 at 22:59

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This is technical and may or not work with your particular setup, but you can try this after the data merge stage.

Find this :

  • @(\w+\.[\l\u]{3})

And replace with this :

  • \n@$1

enter image description here


The answer of Lucian is great.

I am not sure what you exactly would like to achieve, but if you want to keep the @ in place and move all that follows to the lower line (just as in your screenshot), you may precede \n by the @ sign in the "Change to" field:

Find What: @(\w+\.[\w]{2,3})

Change to: @\n$1


Find What: \w+@\K(\w+\.[\w]{2,3})

Change to: \n$1

Otherwise please accept the answer of Lucian if it is satisfactory to you or provide some feedback. Thank you.

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