I would like to recreate this kind of image focusing on the white shapes on the blue planet.

I tried to create rounded rectangles in Adobe Illustrator and then use the scissor tool but the result is not the same.

I would like that the the white shapes fits perfectly on the circle edge like in this image.

How can I do that?

The planet with white shapes on it I'd like to recreate


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You could use a clipping mask for this. This is what I would recommend as it's non-destructive, and you can still move the clouds around inside the circle afterwards if you want to rearrange them.

Let's say you have a circle, and cloud shapes above it

  1. Select the circle and copy it

  2. Select everything and group

  3. Do Edit > Paste in Front to paste a copy of the circle on top of the group

  4. Select everything and hit Ctrl+7, or do Ojbect > Clipping Mask > Make

An example

enter image description here

If instead you want to physically cut away the pieces that overlap the circle, you could use the Shape Builder tool.

Holding down Alt as you click (or click and drag) using the Shape Builder tool will delete the pieces.

enter image description here

Another possibility for removing the physical overlap

  1. Select the all the cloud pieces, and combine them using Object > Compound Path > Make

  2. Copy the circle

  3. Select everything, and in the Shape Builder, hit "Intersect". This boolean operation will consume the circle.

  4. Do Edit > Paste in Back to paste the circle back, under the clouds.

It would also be possible to use a Divide boolean operation similar to the above, but then you would have to remove the parts outside the circle by manually selecting and deleting them.

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