I am trying to make a swirled edge circle like this for a logo in illustrator. What would be the best method to use? Thank you!


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    It's not 1 circle. it's multiple circles/ellipses.
    – Scott
    Mar 17 at 21:38

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I guess you are not going to copy an existing logo, but need a little resembling circle

enter image description here

  1. Draw a circle with no fill. Delete a part of the line.

  2. Make rotated and moved copies. You can also draw some different curves like in your example.

  3. Make width variations with the width tool or apply an art brush. Your own example has complex profiles which need art brushes.

Have color variations to make the turns distinguishable. I have only 3 different grays, but there's no limit how rich colors are possible. You may need to expand the strokes to filled areas to apply complex effects.

Custom art brushes can be made easily. In the next image in the left there's 3 partial circles like above and the applied (simple) art brushes are shown in the right.

enter image description here

  • thank you! That is very helpful!
    – Michelle R
    Mar 17 at 22:07

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