There is a Q&A "How do I wrap my drawings around a circle in Illustrator?" and I'd like to do this in CorelDraw. Any thoughts would be helpful.


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Actually is the same as the two answers on the other question.

Option 1:

(Sorry for the strange order of the letters used):

A. Prepare an object. I would not use too complex shapes at first to see how they react. Select it.

D. Use the artistic brush tool.

E. Save it on the disk.

B. Select a shape and apply it.

enter image description here

Note. I was forced to make two patterns because, on my version, the pattern is applied on "change" This is when selecting it from the two or more options panel.

enter image description here

Option 2:

Use the envelop tool

Effects > Envelope

Select your object to be deformed select one envelope type (experiment) and apply new.

enter image description here

  • Option 1 worked. Took me a while to see where to save it (E). For me, I found the save button in my toolbar on the right side. Now I have lots of tweaking to do but going great. Thanks for your time. Mar 27 at 16:13

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