I have an svg file with many linked raster images, I would like to embed them because the browser is not supporting linked images. Is there an automated way to embed all the linked images?

Inkscape/svg: convert embedded images to external linked files do the opposit of what I want.

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Select all your images, right-click one on the canvas and select 'Embed Image'. Now all selected images should be embedded.

Screenshot of right-click menu with 'Embed Image' highlighted.

To quickly select all images at once, you can use the Ctrl+F 'Find/Replace' panel. Just set the 'Scope' to 'All', expand the 'Options' section, un-check 'All types' under 'Object types' and select 'Images'. Now when you click the 'Find' button while keeping the input at the top empty, it should select all images.

'Find/Replace' dialog with above mentioned settings highlighted.


I just discovered that if you go to Extensions Images Embed Images you can embed all your images at once or just the one you selected. enter image description here

And then:

enter image description here

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