Synopsis: Using InDesign, I wish to create a "screen friendly" layout for a PDF. Rather than designing for standard page sizes related to (end-user) printing, I want to design something like a 7"x30" single page in InDesign. This will allow the PDF to merely be scrolled vertically like a web page, rather than flipping pages, when viewed.

Problem: If an end user were to print this 7"x30" file on their home printer, I need to ensure things don't span pages unfavorably - I don't want images spit across pages, lines of text split, etc. So, I need to be able to control where page breaks happen without knowing any actual page height - although assuming 10-11" vertical may be workable. But, I don't really know what repercussions assuming a height may have. If I can just "insert print page break here", it would allow a cohesive visual layout and a workable home printing layout.

Question: Is there a way or method, using either InDesign or Acrobat, to "insert printer page break here" so that it only breaks pages when printing, not displaying.

Note: InDesign's Type > Insert Break Character > Page Break is not what I want. That merely inserts a page break in the layout. It's a visual break when I wish to control printing page breaks.

I don't know if this is even possible - it seems like it should be an option somewhere in one of the apps. I've searched, and am continuing to search.

I know this is somewhat possible with HTML via print stylesheets.. looking for something kind of along those lines for a PDF.

  • I think you might be over complicating this a bit. In Adobe Acrobat/Reader, you can enable scrolling of pages, rather than flipping to the next one. Under Menu > View > Page Display > Enable Scrolling. But this is a user initiated setting, so I'm not sure you'd be able to enforce it within a document. I've never heard of a printing-only page break. No idea if such a thing exists. Sounds like an interesting idea though.
    – Billy Kerr
    May 15 at 1:21
  • 1
    @BillyKerr, you can control the initial view settings when opening the PDF. Single page/scrolling, fit screen/fill screen, facing pages, fullscreen. But you can of course not prevent the user from changing that.
    – Wolff
    May 15 at 6:29
  • @BillyKerr I realize that, but it's somewhat irrelevant. If it's a single long page, the default will be the user needs to scroll to see things - no issue. But I want to control page breaks if a user prints a single long page, not configure multiple pages to display vertically for scrolling in Acrobat. In short, I want to get away from displaying multiple pages in a PDF regardless of any view/display settings in Acrobat.
    – Scott
    May 15 at 6:47
  • I dont think this is possible, because for this to work acrobat should be a page layout device like a web browser is. But it is not.
    – joojaa
    May 15 at 6:52
  • That's why I was kind of hoping for something in InDesign possibly. But if the answer is "no. not possible" I will accept that.
    – Scott
    May 15 at 6:54


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