In so many attempts to print my booklet to pdf with Adobe PDF printer, with almost all presets, I get same low DPI result - I attach a sample project in saved in my InDesign and its printed-to-pdf files as well.

I had to export to JPG a main project because of some transparency flattening problems, then to make a booklet pdf for print provider, I've found that all exported- and then placed 300dpi JPGs exported as low quality raster images - maybe 100 or 72 dpi. Changed to almost all Adobe PDF printer presets, but still same low quality result.

Don't know where I went wrong.

enter image description here


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    Why are you "printing to PDF"? Export to PDF if you are using InDesign. The "Adobe PDF Printer" is like 20+ years old.
    – Scott
    Commented May 16 at 15:15
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    Exporting type to JPEG is asking for trouble. If you really, really, really have to rasterize (why?) then at least save in a non lossy format (TIFF, PSD). Commented May 16 at 15:28
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    If the placed images have nothing to do with the text where the problem shows up, why mention them? Have you tried printing to a Postscript file and running that through Distiller? Commented May 16 at 16:33
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    It's a strange print provider that requires you to deliver imposed pages. They should just accept a normal single page document and take care of the rest for you. Find another place, seriously.
    – Wolff
    Commented May 16 at 16:38
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    needs clarity: Is this "booklet" being self published? Are you sending files to a print provider? Have you checked their specifications/requirements? The "print booklet" command is generally to print on an end-use home printer. It is not something used for a commercial print providers.
    – Scott
    Commented May 16 at 17:01

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  • Print booklet to Postscript file.

  • Then use Distiller to convert.ps file to .pdf based on a pdf-x or a high quality preset.

This solution suggested by @cybernetic.nomad

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