I am trying to write multi-line text in Inkscape but after a line carriage the text starts at the first line again and essentially writes over the first line.

My text block is:


Rendered Text

Internet search told me something about whitespace in CSS and some change which was done in SVG 2. I found however not an actual solution on what to change to have multi-line text. What property do I need to change to have line carriages properly rendered?

Edit: I set the 'baseline space' to 1.22 and the spacing to 0.0 for everything. Text settings

I also added in the CSS file the property white-space with the value pre-wrap. I found this on StackOverflow but it didn't help.

Edit 2: A work-around is to reset the properties of Inkscape.

[Edit] - [Preferences] - [System] - (Reset Preferences)

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Try this:

With the text tool selected, click on the Spacing button in the control bar along the top, and make sure all the fields are set to 0.

enter image description here

Also in the control bar along the top, make sure the baseline spacing is set to something like 1.2

enter image description here

  • Unfortunately, it's already set to 0.
    – Alex_P
    Commented May 25 at 20:30
  • @Alex_P I've added something else to try
    – Billy Kerr
    Commented May 26 at 9:20
  • Hi @BillyKerr, I checked your suggestions but to no help. It worked when I reset the preferences. I don't see however anything different compared to the default properties. Thanks anyway for your help!
    – Alex_P
    Commented May 26 at 22:00

I am still planning to upgrade my text processing from old Remington hardware to software. Remington has the same problem. Typing a CR causes the writing position to return to the start of the already written line. I must after typing the CR also push the linefeed lever to start a new line. Maybe you should do the same. In software there very likely is some token which causes a linefeed to happen after you have fed the token which causes the return of the carriage.

Please, tell how it worked, because there can be also others who plan to move from hardware text processing to software.

  • Hi Bilbo, can you please elaborate what a linefeed lever is?
    – Alex_P
    Commented May 25 at 21:47
  • It's this. i.sstatic.net/BOixu95z.png The photo is of a much finer device than I have. I have heard (but never tested in practice )that modern versions have combined to this lever also the carriage return, which would be handy.
    – Bilbo
    Commented May 25 at 22:42
  • 1
    Hi Bilbo, I think there is a misunderstanding. My questions refers to the software Inkscape.
    – Alex_P
    Commented May 26 at 9:54
  • No problem. I'm interested in software, too, Nice to see, that I can offer something useful even before I have started to use it. I wish you all the best!
    – Bilbo
    Commented May 26 at 10:55

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