In the following screenshot, there are 3 squares each of dimension 50px x 50px.
When I select the 3 objects, in the transform pane, it shows totally wrong width of 12283.4313px and height of 67.3556px.
The correct dimensions should be 150px width & 50px height when the 3 are selected.

Is this a bug? or there's something I can do to fix this?

I'm using Adobe Illustrator 24.4.1.

enter image description here

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    Did you do a select all to select the three items? If yes, do you maybe have a guide selected somewhere? What happens if you shift select the three items instead? Commented Jun 5 at 13:36
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    You are right, the problem that there's a guide selected and I didn't notice it. Thank you
    – Omar
    Commented Jun 5 at 15:15


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