Always when I try to copy-paste something from Fireworks to Photoshop it gets a white background.

So often I end up saving the part I need as a seperate png-file with transparent background and then load that file into photoshop. But surely there is another way, isn't there ?

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Select your shape goto EDit >> Copy as vectors .

Open Photoshop and paste, Popup will Open, select "shape layer" and press OK

  • Finally I'm again in this kind of situation and so I tried your method, but I get (at pasting) "Could not complete the Paste command because the parser module cannot parse the clipboard." :( I'll try again with freshly started OS...
    – Allisone
    Commented Jun 30, 2013 at 8:13

You will have to save the Fireworks document as a .psd and open it on photoshop then copy whatever you want on the document you converted to a .psd


Ungroup the vector in Fireworks and then copy it over. This seemed to fix the issue.


I use fw2psd.com for conversion Fireworks PNG to PSD

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    Hi Ercort, could you please explain a bit more what we'll find behind the link you provide and why it answers the question? That way, your answer is still of value in case the link breaks at a later time. Link rot is the main reason we really dislike link-only answers here. Thanks for your effort and keep contributing!
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