I've seen variations of this idea... in HTML, the <hr /> tag creates a horizontal line that can be used as a spacing tool to separate headings, blocks of content, etc... I'd like to create such a line using Photoshop and have it look like this...

enter image description here
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How would I do this in Photoshop? Are there tutorials dedicated to this?


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  1. Use Marquee tool to create a line.

    Step 1: Line

  2. Use Marquee tool to create a section above the line and fill the selection with a gradient.

    Step 2: Gradient

  3. Mask the layer with a vertically-reflected gradient (Opaque at the middle, transparent at the edges)

    Step 3: Isolated layer mask

  4. Done!


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    In Photoshop, one might change step 2 above to: apply a layer style using gradient or drop shadow." This would make later fiddling and adjustment easier.
    – horatio
    Apr 15, 2011 at 17:20

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