We're writing a bunch of .jsx scripts, and in each one I have to mock out some functions so I can use things like Array.map() and String.trim(), but I don't want to have to include that code at the top of every script.

Is there a way to "include" / reference other scripts or libraries inside of a .jsx script file?


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Not sure if this will work for Illustrator, but in Photoshop I've had success using this method in a configurator panel:

#include "coreFunctions.jsx";
saveImage("jpg", "", "web", "", "");

The above code is the contents of a file called "[email protected]", which calls the function "saveImage" (a user created function), declared in the coreFunctions.jsx file.


According to this thread in the Adobe Illustrator Scripting Community, it is possible.

Apparently the code you need is similar to this:

#target illustrator

var scriptToLoad = new File("S:/NEW SCRIPTS/JAVASCRIPTS IN USE NOW/02) Make/01b) Shape P - 16 UP.jsx");

var win = new Window('palette', 'Copy Objects');
var btnSelect = win.add('button', undefined, 'Copy');

btnSelect.onClick = function(){


   var bt = new BridgeTalk;
   bt.target = "illustrator";

   var script = scriptToLoad.read();

   bt.body = script;
}// end function


Note: this is just what I found searching, not something I've personally tried.


There was an answer here earlier today that seems to have disappeared, but it's what we're using now and it's working well. It's using the $ helper available in Illustrator, and the $.evalFile() method. Pass it a path and it will evaluate the file and return the result.

I created a little helper that I can include (minified, of course) at the top of my .jsx scripts so I can do Libraries.include("my-other-script") that will include, in my case, a file that's in my adobe_scripts root folder, in a directory called lib.

// indexOf polyfill from https://gist.github.com/atk/1034425
[].indexOf||(Array.prototype.indexOf=function(a,b,c){for(c=this.length,b=(c+~~b)%c;b<c&&(!(b in this)||this[b]!==a);b++);return b^c?b:-1;});

var Libraries = (function (libPath) {    
    return {
        include: function (path) {
            if (!path.match(/\.jsx$/i)) { 
                path = path + ".jsx"; 
            return $.evalFile(libPath + path);
})($.fileName.split("/").splice(0, $.fileName.split("/").indexOf("adobe_scripts") + 1).join("/") + "/lib/");

Minified version that I include:

 * Libraries.include(path) -- path must be relative to adobe_scripts/lib/
 * See: https://gist.github.com/jasonrhodes/5286526
[].indexOf||(Array.prototype.indexOf=function(a,b,c){for(c=this.length,b=(c+~~b)%c;b<c&&(!(b in this)||this[b]!==a);b++);return b^c?b:-1;});var Libraries=function(a){return{include:function(b){return b.match(/\.jsx$/i)||(b+=".jsx"),$.evalFile(a+b)}}}($.fileName.split("/").splice(0,$.fileName.split("/").indexOf("adobe_scripts")+1).join("/")+"/lib/");

See gist here: https://gist.github.com/jasonrhodes/5286526

  • That was my answer. I accidentally answered how you can do it photoshop. When I realized that, I did some quick googling and I found zero examples of the same method being available in illustrator. So I deleted my answer.
    – Joonas
    Apr 2, 2013 at 5:40

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