I am completing some design work on my application. Following a few people saying it is best to design for the iphone5 (4inch) screen first I have completed a page design for the retina. The image has then been sliced (cut up) as required for the iphone.

In terms of scaling down for the iphone3/4, is it best just to load the image in photoshop and use Edit > Image Size... to bring the size down, or create a new image the correct size and scale all the layers down using Ctrl + T and shift to transform?

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You have two ways of doing what you are asking depending on the purpose you are following.

  1. If your purpose is that the image has to scale automatically depending on the resolution of the device's screen where it is visualized then the prior answer by DA01 works fine. The scale job is done by using HTML5 and CSS. This is true if you are building a Web App, since Web apps permit the use of HTML5.
  2. If you are building a native application then you have to do things in the most precise way using the best practices. In this case the images have to fit perfectly in the screen resolution and the best practice using Photoshop is to re-adapt the images editing their size (so with the edit > image size method) or in some cases rebuilding the image itself. Never use the Ctrl+t method because in most cases it could not be so precise. This method could be useful for a quick image scale, pondered upon visual needs, editing the image with image size instead could permit you to have more control also on different layers makin up the image itself.
  • Thank you the second option is the answer. In my case Image Size should work fine, checking the box Scale Styles
    – StuartM
    Apr 6, 2013 at 14:18

If you are building the app with HTML5 you don't really need to scale down the images. The CSS will do that for you.

  • Its native 12345
    – StuartM
    Apr 5, 2013 at 19:45

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