I am building a website and need some advice regarding colors.

My website is mostly white and dark brown.

enter image description here

The logo and menu have to go in that brown color, but I am not sure which seconday color would be good. I picked a reddish pink that matches well with the brown. Any recommendation on other colors that also go well?


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I think it looks fine as it is, but for a more scientific approach you could try kuler It's a great tool for color matching.

  • To further expand on that, I would use Kuler, put in your main brown color #492409 and then play with the color rules and see what things you can come up with.
    – Hanna
    Commented Apr 14, 2013 at 1:55

I like the logo and the brown color. It's strong, reliable. I would first try to use this one color for ALL (no gray, lighter brown or black text...) layout elements and not rely on color variation as a design element. Instead I would try using vector graphics / icons as design element. That said, I tried this color for your subscribe button with white text and quite liked it. This could be a good color for guiding attention when used sparingly.


Welcome to GD. As already stated Adobe Kuler is a good location for palettes. Another site to consider would be colourlovers. This may be marked as duplicate to this.

In another note you must go back to color theory and decide what color you wish to be more powerful. In this instance you seem to want the brown to power over the palette. Since the brown alone is strong try toning it down, such as #5E4427. In regards to the black find a different hue, maybe a flat black, such as #232521, would help get. The palette should be inviting and flow together.

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