I have a double stroke svg that I want to reduce to a single stroke svg. The area on the svg is defined as some white shapes that are overlayed on a black background, with anchors outlining the shapes and background.

enter image description here

I hope this makes sense

I almost want something like the monoline tool developed for text, so that I can simplify an icon to a single line svg for a lazer cutter.


Here's the closest thing I can get to a single line:

enter image description here


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You could use an Offset Path effect to give you the look of a single line but it would still be compound when expanded. If nothing else, that gives you something accurate to trace over.


You mention a "monoline" method developed for text - I've never heard of it, but was in need for one and came up with a method that most likely should do what you need:

HowTo convert outlines to monoline

Single Steps involved:

  • Select Object, in case of text: Type -> Create Outline Stroke [Strg+Shift+O]
  • Resize to a good size and Rasterize with high dpi (e.g. 300dpi): Object -> Rasterize
  • Image Trace the resulting object, using the Image Trace Panel and selecting Outline as method.
  • Expand the resulting Image Trace Object

You then have a single stroke from complex double strokes/compound paths etc. It is not a "clean" method and results may vary (greatly!) with size of the rasterized object. Changing size has a much larger impact (rather than changing parameters of the Image Trace).

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