I have added a Bezier line to the outer end of a spiral. (See comment for details.) After that I selected both, colorized them and gave them a small amount of blur (1.5%).

The problem is, that only the spiral gets blury, but not the Bezier line. Only spiral gets blured

Nevertheless, if I move one node of the Bezier line somewhere else to the outer path of the spiral, select them both and apply a blur, both get blured. I moved the node with the Edit paths by nodes tool and enabled Enable snapping -> Snap notes or handles -> Snap to paths. Spiral and line get blured

Next I can drag one node of the blured Bezier line to the cusp node of the blured spiral by hand and level the line horizontal, by entering the same y-value for the right node that the left node has. Now I can select them both and can change the blur of them simulataneously. By that I can achieve the result that I could not get by the first method. (See EDIT) Workaround by moving the line to the spiral after bluring it

I would like to know, how I can blur both objects at the same time without all the effort described above, if this is not a bug.

user@hostname:~$ apt-cache show inkscape 
Package: inkscape
Architecture: amd64

[EDIT]: After messing arround with the problem for another while I realised, that the blur of the line only disapears, if I level the two nodes of the line exactly one the same y-values with copy and paste.
In my first try I entered the y-value of the left node of the line in the "y-value box" (at top) of the right line-node by hand, what probably results in not exact the same numbers as copy and paste does.
In my second try to recreate the problem, I copied and pasted the y-value from the left line-node to the right line-node and as soon as I did that the blur of the line disapears.

I could not find any information that this behaviour is intended by the developers. Thus I guess this is a bug and I will report it to them and write about the progress in here.

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    How did you "add" or "connect" the line to the spiral? Did you group the objects? Did you join them with nodes?
    – Stockfisch
    May 8, 2013 at 9:33
  • @boo2060 I have drawn the spiral with exactly three turns, selected the Bezier curve and straight lines tool and set its mode to paraxial line mode. After that I enabled Enable snapping -> Snap nodes or handles -> snap to cusp node (on the right hand side of the window). Now when I hover the cursor over the outer end point of the spiral, the cursor snaps to it and it can draw a straight line to the right with no interception to the spiral. Can I call that a connection or is that reserved for sth. else? Sorry, that I have not described that better in the first place.
    – Senkaku
    May 8, 2013 at 10:53
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    This has to be a bug. Please report it to the Inkscape developers. May 9, 2013 at 18:12

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I got the following answer from the Inkscape developer ~suv:

Technically not a bug - a horizontal (or vertical) line has only one dimension, and the filter effects region thus too (i.e. the blur is not visible).

- Combine the line with the spiral (the bounding box of the resulting paths as two dimensions), and blur the combined path.
- Group the line with the spiral, and blur the group, instead of the individual objects.


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